Shop Prototypes

Scroll down for photos if you are impatient 🙂

  • Merchandise Groups!
  • Ready-to-wear skirts and dresses in Lolita/anime/manic pixie dream whoever styles
  • Underpinnings for same in a size inclusive array – slips and petticoats, bloomers
  • New for Spring 2022 – print patterns for our most popular cosplay and Lolita looks
  • Accessories like hair clips, headbands and scrunchies, wrist cuffs, bows
  • Pouches and oversized scrunchies embellished with Japanese charms; Ita style bags and pouches
  • Dice bags for the D&D crowd. So many dice bags. Most are one of a kind from upcycled fabrics but we have some recurring prints as well
  • Cosplay themed merchandise like mugs and cosplay repair kits – designed and printed by us, not purchased commercially

Hello from TMC. If you are seeing this page we have applied for a booth at your upcoming show.

We are near the beginning of a major re-brand so this page, which is not public, is something I threw together so you can see what sort of merchandise we will be bringing. These are mostly prototypes with tons more coming every day. The new shop and the re-brand should be complete by mid-November 2021.

We have vended at two shows before – Fayetteville Comic Con and Grand Strand Comic Con, both before the pandemic. We have tossed the majority of that look and we’re starting over.

What we are about – our target customer is the Lolita/Anime/Quirky Fashion customer. We are size inclusive, and also have a selection of items that are upcycled, ooak pieces from thrifted or vintage materials.

We stock a wide range of price points from hair accessories at $5 to custom made Lolita dresses in the $300 – $500 range, but our sweet spot is in the ready to wear – accessories in the $15 – $25 range and skirts from $50 – $75.

Team lead Mary Beth Temple is a professional seamstress with years of experience on Broadway and in film and television. All of our merchandise is made by MBT or one of the team, in the USA. No imports, no cheaply made stuff. We want to sell pieces that will last forever, and build a clientele that will come back to us as they add to their collections.

Please reach out to MBT at if you require any further information and thank you so much for your consideration!

Dice bag